Muhammad Hadi Fayyadh Bin AbdulRazar(no.28-61 mins),Dody Alfayed(no.27-65 mins)  Prosenjit Chakroborty(no.2-21 mins),Baoringdao Bodo(no.10-46 mins),Bedashwor Singh(no.8-47 mins),Baoringdao Bodo(no.10-62 mins)
Man of the match- Baoringdao Bodo(no.10)

The match was flooded by numbers of goals as AIFF(U-19) came like an avalanche and smashed FRENZ UNITED FC BY scoring 4-2 in the 12th match of the 120th LG IFA Shield(u-19)on Wednesday .

Baoringdao Bodo(no.10) of AIFF(U-19)earned the honor of the Man of the match as he scored the 2nd and the 4th goal(46 mins,62 mins). The 1st (21 mins )and the 3rd goal(47 mins) of AIFF(U-19) came from Prosenjit Chakroborty(no.2) and Bedashwor Singh(no.8).

FRENZ UNITED FC tried uttermost as they bagged two goals(61 mins,65 mins) ,by Muhammad Hadi Fayyadh Bin Abdul Razar(no.28) and Dody Alfayed(no.27).

Overall it was a mind bending experience for all football lovers.12787218_1117763391590147_1411637192_o